I am Natalia Égüez, a geoarchaeologist studying past societies through organic chemistry, proteomics and soil micromorphology. Explore the website to find out more about research questions, methodologies, projects and publications.

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Geo-ethnoarchaeology. What is it?

Many people do not know what geo-ethnoarchaeology is. That is why today I would like to explain to you what it is, what we archaeologists who work in this discipline do and what it is for. Already since the 1990s, this term began to be used and it is becoming more and more common to […]

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Micromorphology of soils and sediments

For most people when looking at the ground they only see dirt. Archaeologists who look at it under the microscope see real beauty. Microstructures and microfragments of sedimentary deposits that give us information about palaeoenvironments and human activities of the past: it is the micromorphology of soils and sediments. It is a true window into […]

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